Body volume Kamaz 55111 dump truck

How many cubic meters in KamAZ: Calculation table of cubic capacity of different materials

Calculating the amount of bulk and large-sized materials transported is not so simple; it would seem that you know how many cubes are in KamAZ, the rest is a matter of technology.
In practice, many nuances and subtleties arise that confuse the unprepared user. Since the machines of the Kama enterprise are special equipment, they must be approached with knowledge of the matter. Calculations without a clear understanding of the concepts of volume and load capacity, characteristics of machines, and characteristics of the cargo being transported are fraught with serious errors. Considering the modern cost of materials, economic losses will hit the pocket and negatively affect the financial condition of the owner. A competent approach, on the contrary, will lead to saving time and fuel, and the result will be the completion of tasks and strengthening the reputation of the performer.

How many cubic meters are there in KamAZ models 6540 and 65201?

The carrying capacity of the modern model "KAMAZ - 6540" is 18,500 kg, the volume of the dump truck body is 11 cubic meters. meters, which is equivalent to 1,100-10 liters. buckets of coal with a total weight (1,100 x 18) 19,800 kg. And "KAMAZ - 65201" is capable of taking cargo up to 25,500 kg, the volume of the dump truck body is 16 cubic meters. meters, which translates to 1,600-10 liters. buckets of coal with a total weight (1,600 x 18) 28,800 kg.

The amount of m3 in a Kamaz truck is a table.

How many cubes are included in a Kamaz of different materials?
To calculate how many cubic meters of soil, sand, crushed stone, expanded clay or other material are in a Kamaz truck, you need to know the cubic capacity of the body. You will need it to calculate the cost of transporting any material. An important parameter when calculating the cubic capacity of sand is its humidity and density. Depending on these indicators, cubic meters will be calculated.

The KamAZ dump truck is special equipment that is manufactured by one of the largest Russian manufacturers of trucks. The Kama Automobile Plant is the 13th largest producer of heavy trucks in the world. How many cubes are there in a KamAZ dump truck? Depending on the model, this design can accommodate varying amounts of sand, crushed stone, earth, gravel, black soil and other materials. This is a car that is highly efficient special equipment for agriculture, utilities, and construction companies. Dump trucks transport loads from 7,000 to 25,500 kg. Special equipment is classified into four groups:

  • biaxial - 4x2;
  • triaxial - 6x4;
  • three-axle all-wheel drive - 6x6;
  • four-axle - 8x4.

Knowledge of the volume of a KamAZ dump truck body will help you choose the appropriate model, as well as understand how much materials can be loaded into special equipment for transportation.

KamAZ body dimensions

KamAZ vehicles are serious equipment produced at the thirteenth truck production plant in the world. The units are universal, capable of performing multi-directional and specific tasks. The products operate with loads ranging from seven to twenty-five tons.

The breakdown by groups is as follows:

  • Machines – two axles (4×2);
  • Machines – three axles (6×4);
  • Vehicles – three axles, all-wheel drive (6×6);
  • Machines - four axles (8x4).

The number of axles increases the ability to transport heavy loads, while the cross-country ability and maneuverability of the vehicle decreases.

Before answering how many cubes are in a KamAZ dump truck, keep in mind that the model range is not limited to a couple of cars. In addition, one brand of machine is sometimes equipped with other attachments that affect the final result. Accordingly, the volume of the body and the load capacity of the vehicle varies.

When planning work, attention is paid to:

  • Car make and modification. Thus, models 65111 and 55111 do not differ in appearance, but when studying the characteristics, it turns out that the first carries 8.2 cubic meters of cargo, the second 6.6 cubic meters;
  • How much weight can the equipment lift and how much does a cube of transported material weigh? So, if a car is designed to transport 7 tons, then ten cubes of crushed stone (fraction 0-5) will not fit into it, since it is 14 tons; Characteristics of the cargo being transported: weight, specific gravity, fraction, wet goods, dry goods, etc.;
  • Geometric dimensions of the car body. Sometimes, owners change the indicators (increase, lengthen the sides, etc.).

Overall dimensions of the KamAZ-65115 (6x4) body:

Cubic meters - not liters

What's the most important thing about firewood? The main thing, of course, is quality: dry birch is best, wet aspen is worst. But quantity also matters, and what a difference! How do you define it? After all, cubic meters are not liters. You order five cubes of coarsely chopped firewood, they deliver it, and the machine dumps them in a pile. and the neighbors immediately show up.


- Well, Vasya, tell me, what do you think, are there five cubes here, or did they cheat?

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But then Kolya comes up, also squints at the pile and says:

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But in fact, there are other, much more reliable ways to check whether you were cheated when buying firewood or not.

How many cubic meters of sand are in KAMAZ

Sand is used on any construction site. But the need for it increases sharply if there is no centralized supply of concrete and mortar, and they have to be produced on site. Transporting large volumes is quite expensive, so knowing how to properly load a dump truck can help cut costs somewhat. But for this you need to clearly understand: a sand machine - how many cubes does it contain?

How to determine how many cubes of sand are in a dump truck?

It is more profitable to order the delivery of sand to the site using a dump truck, since there is no need to pay for its unloading. Calculating the amount included in a dump body involves the use of three parameters:

  1. body volume (cubic capacity) of the vehicle;
  2. sand moisture level;
  3. the value of its bulk density.

The sand density value is always calculated on average due to the fact that it depends on many variables:

  • on the degree of compaction;
  • on the size of the fraction;
  • on the amount and composition of impurities;
  • from weather conditions at the time of loading onto the vehicle and transportation.

Therefore, you can find out how much m3 of sand is included in KamAZ only if the bulk density value is correctly determined.

How many cubes of sand are there in KamAZ with different methods of tilting the platform?

Different models of KamAZ dump trucks are designed in such a way that their platform tips over in different ways:

  • with rear type of unloading;
  • with side unloading;
  • with a universal type of unloading.

The dump truck platform with a rear unloading type holds the smallest amount of sand - from 6.3 to 11 m3, although the body volume of the latest models has been increased to 16 m3. The body of a dump truck using a universal type of unloading holds 7-11 m3. KamAZ trucks with side tipping can simultaneously load and transport up to 22 m3 of sand.

How many tons of sand are in KamAZ?

Considering that the average bulk density of sand is usually taken to be 1600 kg/m3, the weight of sand transported by KamAZ trucks of different carrying capacity is calculated as follows:

  • the weight of 6 m3 of sand is approximately equal to 9.6 tons (6x1600:1000);
  • a body with a volume of 8 m3 will accommodate 12.8 tons;
  • A KamAZ with a body volume of 10 m3 can deliver 16 tons in one trip;
  • a body with a volume of 12 m3 will accommodate 19.2 tons;
  • 20 m3 of sand in the back of a dump truck will weigh 32 tons;
  • KamAZ with a body volume of 25 m3 is capable of loading 40 tons.


Over the course of 25 years, the basic model KamAZ 55111-18 has been constantly improved, refined and tailored to specific tasks. As a result, KamAZ modifications with indices were born:

  • 55111-16 – a truck equipped with electric and hydraulic pneumatic outlets and a towing device for the use of dump trailers.
  • 55102 is a tractor equipped with a platform with folding sides, and is aimed at transporting products from the agricultural production sector.

The base car was produced in a version that was designed for use in hot climates, as well as in a version for work in the northern regions of the Russian Federation. In the second case, the design and technical the characteristics of KamAZ 55111 ensured the vehicle’s performance at extremely low temperatures, down to -50 Celsius.

How to measure body volume

You can use a simple tape measure to measure the car body in length, width and height. Multiply the numbers together and we get the cubic capacity of the body. For example, 1.5 * 1.6 * 5 m = 12 cubic meters of loose crushed stone.

In the case of transportation of fine fractions, with an increase in the moisture content of the material, the volume of delivered products may decrease.

Dump trucks are ideal for transporting bulk construction materials. When using them, manual hard labor is not required to unload the machine, everything happens automatically. Dump trucks have increased maneuverability and are not afraid of weather conditions. Having a high carrying capacity, they transport a large volume of cargo in one trip.

When buying sand, crushed stone, soil, it is important to understand the required quantity and choose the right dump truck. It is not economically profitable to transport a small quantity by a heavy-duty vehicle; the cost of transportation will be significant. Sellers don’t care, they need to sell, but the buyer should know this fact, these are his funds.

What volume of different cargoes fits into the body of a KAMAZ dump truck?

The largest manufacturer of domestic trucks, and 13th in the world, is the Kama Automobile Plant. The company produces special equipment in a wide range. Dump trucks are also available. They work in construction and agriculture, serving industrial enterprises and utility organizations. From a production point of view, it is important to know how many cubic meters of various cargoes fit in the body?

The line of KamAZ dump trucks of all types is quite wide, designed to satisfy the largest possible number of customers with different specifications. Therefore, the load capacity of the machines is in a wide range. If the minimum is 7 tons, then the maximum reaches 25.5 tons.

Depending on the number of axles and cross-country ability, there are 4 categories of dump trucks:

  • Biaxial. Of the four wheels, two are driving (4 x 2).
  • Triaxial. 6 x 4.
  • Same thing, all-wheel drive. 6 x 6.
  • Four-axis. 8 x 4.

To select a KamAZ dump truck, it is enough to know its main technical characteristics, including chassis type, load capacity and body volume. Then it will be possible to determine exactly how many different materials can be delivered in one trip.


There are many types of sand, they all have different bulk densities, on average the figures are from 1200 to 1700 kg/m3, the average figure for calculations is 1600. Thus, to transport 10 tons of sand, you will need a body of 12 cubic meters.

The density indicator should always be taken as an average; it always depends on various factors:

  • fraction size;
  • presence of impurities, purity of the material;
  • humidity;
  • extraction method.

It is humidity that often plays a key role, depending on weather conditions.

Often, a vehicle with a known load capacity cannot actually transport sand due to the significant increase in weight.

The prescribed carrying capacity of a certain machine is 10 tons, volume 6 m3. The density of transported sand is 1600 kg/m3. 6 * 1600 = 9.6 tons, the weight that a car can carry.

In the case of an increase in the density of sand, theoretically 1800 kg/m3, with a full body of sand, 6 m3 * 1800 kg/m3 = 10.8 tons, an unacceptable overload of the machine is immediately visible.

Average figures show that a car with a carrying capacity of 10 tons will deliver sand from 5 to 8.5 m3, the exact weight depends on the bulk density (1200 - 1800 kg/m3).

➡️ divide 10 tons by 1200 = 8.33m3

➡️ divide 10 tons by 1800 = 5.55 m3

If the delivery of sand was ordered by a 17-ton KAMAZ, it is capable of delivering an average density of material of 1600 kg/m3 to only 10.6 m3 (17 tons divided by 1600 kg/m3 = 10.6 m3).

You can order sand with delivery throughout Moscow and the region at a low price from our company MSK-Region.

How many different cargoes can fit?


The words “soil” or “earth” usually mean black soil. The volume of this material that can be transported by a KamAZ dump truck in one trip depends on the capacity and carrying capacity. Typically this results in 7.0 to 8.0 cc. m. If they load “with a mountain,” then you need to add 2 more cubes.


When delivering sand, it is necessary, in addition to the previously given characteristics of transport in terms of volume and carrying capacity, to also know the moisture content of the cargo. Then you can calculate its weight. This is necessary for carriers to determine the number of vehicles, and for customers if they want to make sure that the contractor is carrying the full volume of cargo.

Regarding sand, its bulk density parameter is important. This is a variable characteristic. It depends on humidity and the presence of various impurities. The average is 1.6 tons / cubic meter. m. Thus, for a 10-ton KamAZ it turns out: 10: 1.6 = 6.25. That is, practically, for each flight the car will deliver 6 tons.

Crushed stone

Buying building crushed stone is also an important step in the construction process; it is advisable to buy the right amount.

For accurate calculations of quantities, it is also necessary to take into account several main factors - the carrying capacity of the vehicle, the bulk density of crushed stone, humidity, fraction.

Let's show with examples.

A dump truck with a declared load capacity of 15 tons can be loaded with:

  • granite crushed stone with a density of 1470 kg/m3 - 10.2 cubic meters (15 tons divided by 1470);
  • crushed stone with a density of 1300 kg/m3 - 10 cubic meters (15 divided by 1300 = 11.5 m3), here we see an overload of 1.5 tons.

How much does a cube of crushed stone weigh?

By reducing the fraction of crushed stone, its bulk density and humidity increase, and accordingly the weight of crushed stone increases, which leads to a decrease in the loaded volume.

A dump truck with a known load capacity of 7.7 tons and a body volume of 6m3 can transport:

  • only 5.2 cubic meters of crushed granite (7.7 divided by 1470 = 5.2 m3);
  • crushed stone with a density of 1300 kg/m3 is almost 6 tons (7.7 divided by 1300 = 5.9 m3).

How much firewood is included in a truck?

Or you can fit 6 cubic meters in a GAZ-53. m of wood?

If the sides are high or if you load a regular body with a maximum slide, then it’s possible. When the firewood in the body is not thrown, but stacked (although this, of course, is a dream), then 6 cubes will fit into it without difficulty.

In general, in order to correctly estimate the volume of firewood brought to you, you need to know 2 things: the volume of the body and the method of stacking it. You can also calculate the volume when loading “heaped” by dividing the firewood into 2 conventional geometric figures: separately - a parallelepiped of the body along the edge of the sides; separately - a slide, everything that is higher than the sides.

To get the approximate volume of firewood, you need to add the volume of both figures, which can be obtained by multiplying the length, height and width.

Well, next time I’ll write about how many months 5 or 6 cubic meters of firewood should last.

© Author: I.F. TOPOROV, Petrozavodsk

How much does one cube of earth weigh?

To buy the correct cubic capacity of land, you need to know the carrying capacity of the car, soil moisture, and the weight of one cube of land.

Construction goods and land are usually delivered by Kamaz trucks, which are modern, reliable, and spacious. The density of the soil at average values ​​is approximately the same, therefore, it is generally accepted that the average dump truck will deliver 7 - 8 cubic meters of soil. If you fill it with a slide, 1 - 2 m3 of earth will be added, but it is desirable that there are extended sides.

Types of dump trucks

Structurally, there are several types of equipment for transporting heavy construction materials, depending on the weight of the cargo:

  • small – up to 2 tons;
  • medium - up to 10 tons;
  • heavy - up to 30 tons.

In the direction of unloading:

The second type of body is the most common, the third is more used in the agricultural sector for transporting crops.

According to body shape:

The main working brands are Zily, Mazy, with a carrying capacity of 4 - 8 tons, they are most often used to deliver cargo to the population. The weight parameters allow them to be used on any road, even in extreme heat. As a rule, they are used for transporting sand, earth, crushed stone, asphalt, and removal of construction and household waste.

During transportation, the fluidity of the cargo, its structure, and flowability must be taken into account, and then the body type is selected. A prerequisite for transportation is tightness, otherwise losses along the way are guaranteed, and this is the client’s money.

To increase maneuverability, vehicles with a short wheelbase of 3300 mm are often used. They are more maneuverable in tight spaces and have a small turning angle. But on slippery roads in winter they are not stable and are prone to skidding and overturning. The optimal choice is for machines with a wheelbase of 3800 mm; they are safer and more maneuverable.

KamAZ trucks are also used for these purposes; modern models have a load capacity of 18,500 kg and a body volume of 11 cubic meters. Such vehicles are actively used when delivering large volumes of cargo during construction work.

Transportation of goods by dump trucks is economically justified and in demand, and has only positive advantages.

Design and equipment

The loading platform of this dump truck is heated using exhaust gases, which prevents the cargo from freezing in low temperatures; in addition, heating facilitates the operation of hydraulics. The cabin (three-seater, tilting, metal) is equipped with a powerful heating system and has good thermal insulation, which ensures comfortable work for drivers in the cold season. The 6x4 chassis allows the dump truck model to operate effectively on any road. A small turning radius, plus a high level of maneuverability, as well as good visibility from the cab, allow loading and unloading even when there is not enough space.

The hydraulic body drive is equipped with a remote tilt control system, which allows you to raise and lower the platform directly from the cab. The platform in the car is welded all-metal; there is a protective canopy above the cabin. The KamAZ-55111 model is produced in different modifications. However, its main indicators, such as: load capacity -13 tons and the capacity of the Kamaz dump truck body (6.6 cubic meters) remain unchanged; the features of some modifications allow the use of these dump trucks in very specific conditions. For example, KamAZ-55111 is a bucket type, unloaded backwards, heated by engine exhaust gases. It has a two-seater cabin (a seat for a second passenger can be installed upon request). The modification is a tropical version, in addition to it there is an “HL” body and a modification for working in cold climates with temperatures down to minus 50.

Body dimensions of model 55111

Model 65115

When the KAMAZ model 55111 has insufficient body volume, then the 65115 model dump truck can be used - the most famous of all the models produced by the Kama plant. It has a load capacity of 15 tons, like all other large-tonnage dump trucks, and is designed for transporting various bulk cargoes. This type of dump truck is used primarily in construction work. Model 65115 is equipped with a motor with a power of 260 horsepower, it is reliable and very economical. The volume of the fuel tank is 350 liters, the volume of 65115 is 10 cubic meters. The platform is tilted backwards, the platform rises 60 degrees.

The cabin is spacious and very comfortable, the high driver's seat increases visibility. The large diameter of the wheels, plus a rigid suspension, provide the vehicle with stability and increased cross-country ability on rough terrain. This dump truck is equipped with inter-wheel locking. When fully loaded, the car reaches a speed of 80 km/h. The list of its advantages is complemented by a very reasonable price.

The dump truck's solid body volume, plus its large load capacity and impeccable performance characteristics, have made model 65115 one of the most popular dump trucks on the market.

Dimensions of model 65115

Medium tonnage dump truck

How many cubic meters a KamAZ body can transport is a pressing question; it all depends on its model. Model 65111 has 8 cubic meters of volume for transporting various bulk cargoes.

In addition, the vehicle is used everywhere for the removal of construction or household waste. Not every garbage truck is able to cope with such a volume of garbage, and even more so with a significant mass of this garbage.

Although the bulk of customers for cars of this size are private individuals who are independently constructing some construction projects, the car is no less popular among summer residents for delivering building materials and other goods to garden plots.

Such a KAMAZ, the capacity of the dump truck body is 8 cubic meters, has long proven itself - with its excellent cross-country ability on difficult and even broken road sections, as is known, gardening communities or cottage villages and new buildings do not have good roads. The car has excellent maneuverability, so it can easily cope with difficult turns, passing through narrow streets of garden and cottage villages, and entering rather small gates in summer cottages. The biggest advantage of this model is that the machine breaks up roads or driveways, house lots, just like heavier dump trucks and other vehicles capable of delivering large amounts of cargo do. That is why, when choosing how many cubic meters of cargo you need to deliver in the back of a Kamaz truck, take into account all delivery factors, otherwise you will have to supplement the work of building a private house or landscaping a garden plot with repairing the access road.

Model 65111 has a load capacity of 11-12 tons. It turns out that such cargo as sand, crushed stone or gravel can be loaded into such a vehicle no more than 8-8.5 cubic meters, because the listed materials are quite heavy. And bulk materials, such as peat, earth or earthen soil, various peat mixtures, fertile soils can be transported in large volumes, since these materials weigh much less than sand, gravel and crushed stone, they can be loaded “heaping”. In this case, the total weight of the car is less, but the volume of imported material is much greater. It turns out that a Kamaz dump truck with a volume of 8 cubic meters can be loaded with light cargo, such as peat, peat mixtures, vegetable or fertile soil and soil with a volume of up to 10 cubic meters

To summarize, we repeat once again that the car does not destroy roads on entrances, drives along narrow paths of gardening communities, has a way to maneuver and turn around in narrow spaces, high off-road capability, which made such a car indispensable in the construction of the private sector, delivery of goods to rural areas and to summer cottages.

Sand and crushed stone are today the most necessary materials in the construction of buildings and when planning construction on private plots; the need for them can be very great, which requires the purchase of these materials in volumes of cars. Determining how many cubes of sand or crushed stone will fit in the body of a Kamaz truck for construction needs is the main task.

How many cubes are there in KamAZ: different materials, cubic capacity table

What is volume? This is one of the quantitative characteristics of the space occupied by a body or substance. The model range presented by KAMAZ PJSC includes a large number of modifications of dump trucks, grain carriers, concrete mixer trucks, as well as isothermal and manufactured goods vans. For each of them, the automaker indicates the carrying capacity and volume of the body or platform. Additionally, the load on each axle and the maximum permissible vehicle weight are indicated.

Table: technical characteristics of KamAZ 55111

dimensions6.7×2.5×2.765 m
Wheelbase2.84 m
Max. speed 90 km/h
Ground clearance0.29 m
Curb weight, t9.15 m
Gross vehicle weight 23 t
Gross semi-trailer weight12.8 t
Gross train weight35.1 t
Acceleration up to 60 km/h 50 sec
Maximum lift angle25%
Turning radius on outer wheel8 m
Turning radius by dimensions9 m

Determination of volume

Sometimes we don’t even think about how much a cube of this or that material weighs, for example, crushed stone or sand. However, to calculate the cost of transportation services, road carriers use an indicator that characterizes the weight of the cargo.

How many cubes of a particular material will fit in a KAMAZ truck depends on various factors. Among them the most important can be identified:

  • Vehicle modification. For each model, the maximum load capacity values ​​are determined in cubic meters or tons;
  • Type of material transported. Each of them has certain characteristics: density, humidity, fraction, etc. As a result, different materials will require different volumes for the same weight.

Knowing all the necessary data, you can make the calculations yourself. The table calculates the mass density of some materials that are most often transported on KAMAZ vehicles.


When transporting sand, its type is of particular importance. Most often the following are transported in the back of a KAMAZ:

  • Dry sand;
  • Building;
  • Construction dry friable;
  • Construction dry compacted;
  • Career.

The bulk density of each of them varies from 1200 to 1700 kg/cubic meter. Thus, to transport 10 tons of sand, a platform with a volume of 12 to 17 cubic meters will be required.

Crushed stone

Transporting crushed stone also requires careful calculation to select the optimal truck. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the fraction of the building material. The bulk density indicator depends on it.

The following types of crushed stone are used on construction sites:

  • Granite fraction from 20 to 250 mm. Its density will vary from 1370 to 1400 kg per cubic meter;
  • Limestone fraction from 10 to 70 mm. The bulk density of such building materials varies from 1250 to 1330 kg/cubic meter;
  • Crushed gravel offers a wide range of fractions. Its bulk density will be from 1600 to 1730 kilograms per cubic meter;
  • Slag with a density of 800 kg/m3;
  • Expanded clay fraction from 5 to 40 mm. For it, it is necessary to select a dump truck based on a density from 210 kg per cubic meter to 450;
  • Secondary, which is characterized by a density in the range of 1200 - 3000 kg/cubic meter.

Overall dimensions and volume of KamAZ trucks of various models

Let's look at the technical characteristics of the devices, including the volume of the KamAZ dump truck in cubes.

Overall dimensions of KamAZ dump truck two-axle KamAZ 43255 and 53605:

  • Load capacity 7 tons (7.2 tons, on a road surface allowing an axial load of 130 kN up to 11,000 kg).
  • the length of the KamAZ dump truck is 6090 for KamAZ 43255 (6650 for KamAZ 53605) mm,
  • width of KamAZ dump truck - 2500 mm,
  • the height of the KamAZ dump truck from the ground is 2920 (2935) mm, the base is 3500 (3950) mm.

The volume of the body platform is 6 (6.5) m 3, respectively.

The dimensions of the KamAZ 5511 Dump Truck are presented in the table:

Load capacity, kg10000
Cargo compartment length, mm4100
Cargo compartment width, mm2500
Cargo compartment height, mm1200

The capacity of the KamAZ dump truck in m 3 of model 5511 is 6.6 m 3

Triaxial units - 6x4, including: 65115, 6520-19, 6520-60, 6520-61 and 689011.

Capacity - from 10 to 20.9 m3

Dimensions vary depending on the model:

  • KamAZ dump truck body length - from 6690 to 9900 mm;
  • width of the KamAZ dump truck - 2500 mm;
  • the height of the KamAZ dump truck is from 2955 to 3055 mm, the base is from 3190+1320.

Three-axle all-wheel drive 6522, a device that is used if road conditions are extremely difficult. Its load capacity is 13400 kg.

Length, mm7800
Width of KamAZ dump truck body, mm2500
Height, mm3280
Base, mm3600+1440

What is the volume of the KamAZ dump truck body? - 12 m 3

Model range of KAMAZ dump trucks

The model range of KamAZ dump trucks includes 15 models, which have different load capacities and different volumes of the dump platform. It should be noted that an important indicator is the angle of inclination of the platform, as well as the direction of unloading.

KamAZ - 43255-69 (G5) has a dump platform of 6 cubic meters and a load capacity of 7750 kg; this vehicle can transport 5.1 tons or 6 cubic meters of sand. Not enough.

KamAZ - 53605-48 (A5) has a dump platform of 6.5 cubic meters and a load capacity of 11,700 kg

KamAZ - 65111-50 has a dump platform of 8.2 cubic meters and a load capacity of 14,000 kg

KamAZ - 65111-48 (A5) has a dump platform of 8.2 cubic meters and a load capacity of 14,000 kg

KamAZ - 65115-48 (A5) has a dump platform of 10 cubic meters and a load capacity of 15,000 kg

KamAZ - 6520-21010-53 (Lux) has a dump platform of 16 cubic meters and a load capacity of 22,000 kg

KamAZ - 6520-53 has a dump platform of 12 or 16 or 20 cubic meters and a load capacity of 20,000 kg

KamAZ - 65201-21010-53 (Lux) has a dump platform of 20 cubic meters and a load capacity of 29,000 kg

KamAZ - 65201-53 has a dump platform of 20 cubic meters and a load capacity of 25500 kg

KamAZ - 65201-49 (B5) has a dump platform of 16 cubic meters and a load capacity of 19,000 kg

KamAZ - 6522-53 has a dump platform of 16 cubic meters and a load capacity of 19075 kg

KamAZ - 65222-53 has a dump platform of 16 cubic meters and a load capacity of 19575 kg

KamAZ - 6580-163001-87 (S5) has a dump platform of 16 cubic meters and a load capacity of 25450 kg

KamAZ - 65801-203001-68 (T5) has a dump platform of 20 cubic meters and a load capacity of 32435 kg

KamAZ - 65802-153001-87 (S5) has a dump platform of 15 cubic meters and a load capacity of 24800 kg

The maximum volume of the dump truck is 20 cubic meters, as well as the highest load capacity among dump trucks of 32,435 kg, the KamAZ model - 65801-203001-68 (T5) has. This vehicle can transport 20 cubic meters or 30 tons of sand.

All specified vehicles have the unloading direction – Back.

KAMAZ grain trucks

The car is built on the KAMAZ-65207-S5 chassis and equipped with a metal platform. Due to its design features, this vehicle is used exclusively for transporting grain.

The vehicle is equipped with the following components:

  • The platform is steel, box-type with rigidly installed side posts;
  • Three-sided unloading, characterized by the presence of three side (left, right side) upper blind, lower, which open in the direction from bottom to top, sides;
  • Rear module consisting of:

o upper side, opening towards the left or downwards. It is designed for loading the KAMAZ body with a special grain thrower;

o middle side installed on canopies. A removable side option is possible;

o the lower side, which opens from the bottom up and at the same time as the top side.

Other design features of the grain truck include the presence of a stationary platform with a folding ladder. There are special railings with steps on the middle and upper sides. This ensures the driver’s safety while reeling up the canopy and unhindered access to the inside of the body. Another staircase is located directly inside the body. For reliability and safety of cargo, this model uses eccentric side locking mechanisms (Hildebrand type).

The volume of the platform is, depending on the height of the side:

  • 1700 mm – 33 cubes;
  • 1900 mm – 37 cubic meters;
  • 2100 mm - 40.5 cubic meters.

The carrying capacity of the KAMAZ grain truck is declared by the manufacturer at the level of 13630 kg.

Flatbed vehicles

Since we are talking about the cubic capacity of KamAZ vehicles, we should note the KamAZ model - 65207-87 (S5). The volume of its cargo platform is 48.3 cubic meters, and its load capacity is 14,725 kg. The car has a tented body. This arrangement allows loading from the sides, rear and top.

This vehicle is designed for the transportation of large, non-bulk cargo, ideal for transporting light, but at the same time bulky cargo.

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