Connecting a rear view camera for Lada Granta

How to choose a good camera. Review of prices from different manufacturers

Article/namePrice, rub.)
1.Kalina, Kalina-2, Granta (liftback), Vesta, Priora
from 3000
2.Viori – 264897PRfrom 2700
3.Lada Granta Liftback LGR-01from 1400
6.Folding monitor 4.3 MR-01from 2000

*prices are current as of September 24, 2018.

Technical characteristics of the rear camera of the Grant Liftback:

  • Matrix type: CCD (photosensitive);
  • Viewing angle: 170°;
  • Resolution 800 x 600 pixels;
  • Zoom level: 0.01 Lux;
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3;
  • Gradation: parking lines on the screen (0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 meters);
  • Moisture and dust protection: present, level IP 67;
  • Brightness: 300;
  • Recommended voltage for correct operation: 12V;
  • Operating temperature range: - 25° - + 35°;
  • Connection type: ISO connector, from the back of a 2-DIMM radio or a separate folding monitor.

The most popular gadgets are in the price category up to 1,500 rubles. Picture display quality, focusing, zoom level are at an average level. Of course, the image is grainy, pixels are visible, and the viewing angle is only 170 degrees.

The rear view camera on the Granta Liftback in the range of up to 3,000 rubles has improved characteristics, image output quality, and a viewing angle of 180°. Despite decent parameters, gadgets in this price category are beyond the means of most car owners.

How to install a rear view camera on a Granta

» » The Volzhsky Automobile Plant does not practice installing a rear view camera on its cars, so this process is carried out by car owners.

Viori – 264897PR from 2700 3. Lada Granta Liftback LGR-01 from 1400 4. CAM-98645236 —/— 5. LGR-112 —/— 6. Folding monitor 4.3 MR-01 from 2000 *prices are current as of September 24. 18 years old.

Today we will tell you how to install a rear view camera on a Lada Granta with your own hands. You will need: a rear view camera, a knitting needle (wire) for pulling wires, a Phillips screwdriver. The easiest way to install a rear view camera on a Grant is to attach it to the bumper with self-tapping screws above the license plate.

this is not at all necessary. To route the camera wiring into the trunk, you will need to remove the left license plate light, and then pull the wires through the rubber plug using a long knitting needle.

You will only have to remove the bumper on the Lada Granta if you decide to install a rear view camera inside the bumper. This placement of the camera will be more reliable, but installation time will also increase. Let us recall that in the previous article we looked at.

Lada Granta Lux › Logbook › Installing a rear view camera!

My version

So I installed a rear view camera on my car! There are several options for installing it. You need to figure out where to place it and determine the connection method. Therefore, you need to approach this process consistently and carefully. First, you need to choose a camera! After studying the information about cameras that are available in online stores, I chose the one I liked because it is installed in the bumper and has a certain degree of freedom with fixation.

Miniature sizes. (Especially if you take it out of the case in which it rotates.) And also in the description it was said about the good quality of the picture.

And I trusted this information purely intuitively. Although there are photos too! And now the choice is made and the camera is in my hands. The camera connector is not stripped wires, but a sealed connector. (and 5 meters of wire in addition, with a reverse connector and a tulip Video output at the other end) It was winter, and there was no warm garage yet!

Procedure for installing the rear camera on the Granta liftback

  1. We place the car on a flat area.
  2. Remove the rear door trim.
  3. Remove the driver's and passenger's door sills on the left side.
  4. We lay a block with wires from the center console to the rear door lid.
  5. We dismantle the saber - spoiler.
  6. We install the mount.
  7. We connect the wiring to the 2-DIMM radio.

The order may differ from the above. In the event that the owner does not want to display the image on the standard radio. In this case, use a folding monitor. The location of fixation is arbitrary.

Preparatory stage

Checking availability:

  • isolation;
  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • plastic spatula for plastic;
  • blocks with wires;
  • adapter - ISO type connector.

Dismantling works

  • remove the thresholds from the left driver and passenger doors;
  • fold the back row of seats;
  • remove the upper trim of the interior and luggage compartment;
  • Unscrew the fasteners, remove the spoiler from the trunk lid.

Laying wires, power supply from the circuit

We lay the wiring from the central channel of the console to the trunk lid along the following route:

  • location for fixing the standard radio,
  • the lower part of the dashboard on the left side under the steering wheel,
  • thresholds,
  • rear door pillar,
  • luggage compartment lid.

Connection to the power circuit from the positive cable of the reverse gear lamp. In the Lada Granta Liftback it is green and located in the luggage compartment on the right side. Powering is done by soldering; twisting is also permissible, provided that the connection point is well insulated.

Lada Granta Liftback [Almaz] › Logbook › Rear view camera.


Part 1. Preparation. We read the blogs of other grants and understand that we need contacts for MMS.

The blue connector is already available on the luxes, so feel free to buy a connector with approximately suitable contacts. We experimentally established that the contacts of the MF-2*01F connector (numbers may be different) fit perfectly - the contacts snap into place inside the block and the electrical contact also seems to be good. This connector is also used in computer power supplies.

. You can also buy an RCA connector (ala tulip) to connect the video output of the camera, or you can simply solder it. This helped me, which I also bought from the Chinese. MF-2*01F connector Crimped and soldered the wires. Mini-ISO connector pinout Part 2.

Buying a camera. All grant makers probably already know about this camera.

. I thought it was plastic.

It turned out to be metal. Camera with Ali. Part 3.

Connecting wiring, installing standard casing

After installing the camera, connect the positive cable to the flashlight wiring. We place the block with wires in a corrugated material made of fire-resistant material, and fasten the casing.

From the back of the 2-DIMM radio, we connect to the miniISO connector:

  • black wire: ground;
  • red: 12V power supply from the reversing light.

The designations on the plug are: pin 16 and pin 19, respectively. For the standard MMC radio, no additional firmware is required. The screen automatically switches to camera mode when reverse gear is activated. We start the engine, activate “R” gear, an image appears on the screen of the standard rear view camera.

Installing a rear view camera on Lada Granta, Kalina, Priora and Vesta

125 162 It is difficult to imagine a modern car without a rear view camera.

MMC. For me, the most difficult part of the entire installation process was removing the horseshoe from the panel.

AvtoVAZ understands this, which is why it equips the “luxury” version of the Lada Vesta with such an accessory. The following describes how to install a rear view camera on a Granta liftback and connect it to the standard radio (MMC), but similar instructions are also suitable for other Lada cars. The “Lux” configurations of Lada Granta, Kalina 2, Priora and Vesta cars have, so the process of connecting and setting up the camera is identical.

During installation of the camera, there may be differences depending on the type of body (hatchback, station wagon, sedan, liftback), but they are insignificant.

Required: rear view camera, see. (for Lada Vesta, article number 8450008028 is an old-style camera, it has static parking lines and 8450031912 is a new type camera, installed in sedans since September 2020 - does not have static parking lines (the lines are already drawn by MMC))

Lada Granta Platina › Logbook › We are installing a rear view camera on the Granta!

Good evening guys! This is how I was waiting for this parcel from Ali Express! I started to think about parking sensors, supposedly it’s convenient and so on and easy to do, but I saw how they installed a camera, and this is even easier to do, even the thing is much better than this parking sensor. Here's an order from China and it arrived exactly a month later. Yesterday I rushed to work on installing it! In the afternoon. I think it's quite visible. The kit included a rear view mirror with a 4.3D screen, the camera itself with 4 diodes for illumination and wires for installation. I had to buy one single-core wire to send power to the screen from the trunk. Waiting for its original place. First, I secured the camera above the license plate, and then inserted the wire, removed the right headlight, tied the wire to the wire and pulled it out of the bumper and into the cabin. This is roughly what it looked like. I connected the tulips from the camera and they It turned out that they would be in the bumper, I had to insulate them with electrical tape, and then wrap them completely with model film so that


1.Vitaly , 41 years old: connected the camera to the standard radio, did not flash anything additional. In total, I spent half an hour. I bought a Chinese Viori – 264897PR.
2.Gennady , 33 years old: the picture when reversing is good, the distance is marked. In case of insufficient lighting, I used side mirrors for objectivity of data.
3.Sergey , 31 years old: I work as a taxi driver, I spend a lot of time on the road. In order to deliver/pick up a client as quickly as possible, it is necessary to maneuver in the limited space of courtyard areas. The camera is an indispensable assistant.
4.Kirill , 39 years old: a friend recommended a Viori rear view camera - 264897PR. I installed it and have been using it for over a month, no complaints.
5.Maxim , 42 years old: received a gift from his son for his birthday, installed it on his own. The lighting is good and the viewing angle is sufficient.
1.Victor , 38 years old: I didn’t like the image on the standard radio, so I additionally bought a folding monitor and installed it on the dashboard. The quality is good, no graininess.
2.Dmitry , 29 years old: I bought a folding monitor along with a rear view camera, since the image on my original radio was poor. I've been using it for two months, no complaints.
3.Vasily , 27 years old: bought a car with a built-in rear view camera. I didn’t like the image quality on the “native” screen. I bought a folding monitor at the store.

Conclusion The standard screen displays the image from the rear view camera with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Obviously, this is not a 1920 x 1080 HD format, but the picture is quite legible. Those wishing to improve output quality can additionally purchase a portable monitor for an additional fee.

Lada granta - installation of a rear view camera.

Connection General diagram for connecting a rear view camera: In the trunk, connect the camera to the rear light wiring:

  • +12V to green wire (reverse)
  • "mass" to black

We connect the miniISO connector to the radio, the location of the wires in the blue block is as follows:

  • Ground (outer part of the tulip) of the connector to pin 16.
  • Plus (central part) of the connector to pin 19.

It is worth noting that if the MMC was installed on a car in the “norm” or “standard” configuration, then you will need to additionally supply +12V from reverse to pin No. 1 of connector A1 of the radio. The process is also shown in the video: Setting up a standard MMC No firmware is required for the radio, you just need to activate the rear view camera. To do this, download the program (To download files you need to log in to the site) and copy it to removable media (USB Flash).

Select a rear view camera for the Prioru sedan

In a certain sense, the life of a car owner can be helped by the factory equipment of his iron horse. The fact is that Lada Priora Suite already offers parking sensors and a multimedia device with an LCD screen for displaying video. In another situation, they will be purchased separately: the monitor is required and the sensors are already available.

The rear view camera can be:

  • universal, suggesting installation for a number of cars of different brands and body styles (sedan, lift, hatchback, station wagon, etc.);
  • focused on a specific car model, where this is clearly indicated.

The rear view camera for the Prioru sedan can be either black and white or color. The b/w version may seem outdated, but there are some obvious advantages here. This means a lower price and increased contrast in gloomy or gloomy road conditions.


Rear view camera Lada Priora

One camera also differs from another in the resolution of the screen displayed on the screen. Resolution is not specified in pixel length and width, but in the TVL parameter, the broadcast video standard specifies the number of horizontal lines from which the image is created. For a car video camera, a value of 400-420 TV lines is more than enough.


No firmware is required for the radio; you just need to activate the rear view camera. To do this, download the program (link on the website) and copy it to removable media (USB Flash).

  • Go to the desktop (WinCE). On the radio screen, hold down the “Settings” button, then “Exit” and “Desktop”.
  • Let's launch the program. My device - USB disk - Folder with the program - Run the CamOnOff file.
  • We allow you to use the camera. Click on the corresponding button. We close the program, it and the flash drive will no longer be needed.

By the way, the whole process is also shown in the video:

We check the operation of the rear view camera, including reverse gear.

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