We are looking for the best autostart system + GPS monitoring with an application for LADA and Renault in a budget of up to 10,000 rubles with installation

Many owners of Lada Vesta are not even aware of the fact that their car already has a standard alarm, and with an auto-start function - from the factory.

The basic alarm system installed on the Lada Vesta has a number of advantages and, of course, disadvantages. For example, on a Lada Vesta, a standard alarm system installed will make it difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle. Of course, we are talking about theft, it is difficult to do this with standard equipment, but it is possible to steal the wheels (this can be said as a minus). It is configured in such a way that it is triggered only when someone enters the interior, trunk or under the hood.

But today we’ll talk about the standard “alarm”, how the doors are blocked, how the key fob works, how the signal is given. Let's consider security systems for additional protection of the car. It is not possible to purchase a Lada Vesta on credit; compulsory insurance is required, and insurance is issued if there are security devices.

How does a standard Lada Vesta car alarm work?

Let's start with something simple, the key has a different shape in the latest versions, it is now equipped with three buttons, respectively, to close/open and open the trunk.

The Lada Vesta SW Cros security alarm, like many similar devices, is not equipped with feedback, but it has the ability to notify the owner in the event of a break-in. Let’s say a thief has entered the cabin, the light on your remote control will immediately turn on, a signal will appear, and at this time the car will begin to “scream” heart-rendingly, emitting a very loud squeak. This will continue until you personally insert the key into the door lock and turn it. In general, the classic scheme is that you need to open and then close the car.

As has already been said, the standard “alarm” is installed on the car without feedback, but at the moment it is difficult to say whether this is good or bad. After all, the control of the standard “signaling” is simple; communication, or more precisely, the signal coming from the remote control to the beacon, is very difficult to catch with the device (Grabber). Standard devices have a short communication signal, an attacker will have to be somewhere nearby with a car, which is very suspicious and risky. In life, in order for a robber to be able to intercept a regular signal, you need to get almost close to the car.

That is, the lack of feedback is not so bad, taking into account the fact that it is actually more difficult for robbers to intercept signals. For this reason, experts do not recommend installing additional devices that are equipped with a function such as feedback. They only increase the vulnerability of the alarm system, this applies to the Lada Vesta and, in principle, all cars.

Lada Vesta standard or interactive security alarm?

What kind of alarm system should I install on the Lada Vesta?

Hello, now the question will be about car alarms, namely additional alarms and whether it is generally necessary to install additional alarms on cars when there is a standard one. Even the cheapest Lada Vesta has a standard alarm system. Now I will tell you its characteristics, show how it works and how the officials are deceiving you a little about this alarm. And accordingly, I will share my personal opinion about the pointlessness of installing additional. alarm system that the officials impose on you.

Well, let me first show you the standard alarm system. Here is a standard key fob from Lada Vesta, it is the same for all types of equipment.

The flip key is of a fairly new shape, which actually makes it a little more difficult to steal. And accordingly there are three keys: open, close and open the trunk. How do officials sometimes lie? They say that this is not an alarm and in fact it doesn’t even beep. So, I’ll reveal a terrible secret - in all modern cars that have a standard alarm system, you already have a warning signal that your car is being opened. If you locked the car and suppose that someone is opening it, your light will come on, the attacker will get into the car, and a strong beep will sound, until we insert the key and turn it, it will continue to squeak and squeak very loud. On Vesta, the main signal acts as a beeper, very loud, very obnoxious and much louder than the signal from the additional one. alarm, if this alarm does not cost incredible money. That is, in essence, it turns out that the standard alarm system also performs its main functions.

Yes, the standard alarm system does not have feedback, but is it needed? Let’s say you stop in the parking lot of a large shopping center and what everyone is so afraid of is that a cheap code grabber, for two thousand rubles, will read your signal and steal your favorite car. But look, you have a standard alarm with a radius of 10 meters, and if a person with a grabber is sitting at the other end of the parking lot at a distance of 100 to 500 meters, he physically will not be able to read it. If you have a feedback alarm that sounds for a kilometer, the code grabber reads it perfectly, and there is already video confirming that dialogue alarms for 10 thousand rubles can be read perfectly by the code grabbers.

Now I’ll tell you my position on the alarm system. It turns out that you set an alarm and give criminals a greater opportunity to steal your car. Of course, the experts on the couch will say: “Yes, there’s a dialogue alarm, dude. But it can’t be read.” Gentlemen, watch the video, computer technology has long made it possible to hack any dialogue alarm; in a couple of seconds, a dialogue alarm from three years ago can be hacked. Modern dialogue ones take longer, but if necessary, a code grabber will hack your car, it will just be a little more sophisticated. That is, if you set a goal, the dialogue alarm can be easily hacked; it does not protect your car, but on the contrary, from my point of view, it gives more opportunities to steal it. If children try to steal, then considering that in addition to the siren, Vesta has an immobilizer that will not allow ordinary punks to break into it. Experts on the couch will say that with the help of a computer you can reflash your brains, set up a different immobilizer, turn the ignition key with a screwdriver, i.e. steal. But children won’t be able to do this, they don’t have the equipment, and people who are purposefully dedicated to this task will not have any difficulty hacking your alarm system for ten thousand rubles.

There is one more additional minus. alarm system, I was convinced of this from my own experience. To install it, the dashboard is disassembled, it’s good that if it’s the officials, when they disassemble not all the rivets, they will only break some. If Uncle Vasya installs it, as if he is not particularly competent, he, in addition to the fact that he can twist the dashboard back askew, will also, to put it mildly, confuse the electrical system. That is, after installing an alarm on a new car, your dashboard may creak.

You will also have a second key fob, the Lada Vesta already has one key fob, let’s say, which is not small, but you are given another one, that is, it is not ergonomically convenient. Plus, all those who usually buy new cars insure them against theft with CASCO, pay fifteen thousand for CASCO, with a deductible of 25 thousand CASCO and another 15 thousand for an alarm system, to reassure themselves that my car will not be stolen, but this is pointless.

Models and average price of car alarms

Now let’s look at car alarms that are installed by VAZ car owners. So:


This representative of the alarm system is loved by many drivers due to the build quality, stability of operation, and most importantly, price. The control unit is protected, that is, it is difficult to hack, and this applies to mechanical and radio-electronic influences. It is not afraid of any interference, plus there is protection against interception due to the two-channel dialogue transmission mode. To expand the functionality, you can purchase additional Clifford-type movement sensors.

Most importantly, the price of such a device, including installation, is only 8,500 rubles.

Red Scorpio Premium A8

Refers to a model in the middle price segment, the cost excluding installation is 9,000 rubles. This is a modern security complex, equipped with additional protection that does not allow scanning its dialogue code. Plus there is protection against interference; by the way, the range of this kit is 2 km. Thanks to the ability to connect GPS modules, you can track the car via satellite. Autostart is also available. A similar model with a similar price is Sherkhan Magiccar.


The device uses interactive encryption authorization via a 128-bit channel. That is, this is almost a 100% guarantee against hacking using electronic means. Suitable for cities, due to the installed “Megapolis” function, which allows you to increase the signal level, relevant for dense urban areas.

The price of the alarm system for Lada Vesta Starline A61 is 10,500 rubles. already taking into account the installation.


This is the most advanced kit for connecting to Vesta, it is combined with classic LIN tires from domestic Ladas. Autostart has been adapted, CAN modules can be connected. When transmitting signals, an 868 MHz channel is used, and feedback with channel control is mandatory. By the way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of wheels, mirrors, etc., because there are built-in touch sensors (movement, impact, tilt).

The cost of the equipment is already from 13,500 rubles.

Alarm system with auto start for Lada Vesta

The most common alarm system for middle-class Vesta is a security complex with a feedback function and the ability to control the engine ignition from a distance. Installing an alarm system with auto start for Lada Vesta makes using the car more convenient and comfortable.

Advantages of using this complex:

  • the informative screen of the key fob displays the current state of the car;
  • Lada Vesta autostart can be carried out while being at a considerable distance from the car;
  • the communication signal range can reach several hundred meters;
  • determining the cause of the alarm.
  • modern reading devices in the hands of talented attackers are able to recognize the electronic signal emanating from the key fob, which makes it possible to hack the device without much difficulty;
  • Accidental pressing of key fob buttons in a clothing pocket often occurs, which can lead to unplanned door opening or engine starting;
  • Low ambient temperatures may cause the device to malfunction.

Middle segment alarms include:

  • Starline A61 Dialog,
  • Jaguar EZ-7.


The cost of the devices including installation is 8-10 thousand rubles.

Modern premium security systems, in addition to the basic set of functions, have a built-in GPS module, which is used to search for a vehicle via satellite communication. The signal from the key fob can be transmitted over a distance of up to several kilometers. An important advantage of the more expensive alarm system is the presence of a dialogue code and an electronic signal encryption system, which makes it practically invulnerable to hacking attempts. The most popular high-security security devices are Starline A64, Starline A94, the cost of which together with installation will be 13-18 thousand rubles.

Alarm installation

You can install the alarm yourself, or at service centers, or at a dealer.

Watch the video, it’s working: Lada Vesta alarm connection points

So, installation:

At the dealer

Once you have chosen the car alarm you like for your Vesta, you can buy and install it. The easiest way to install and configure is to contact your dealer. Here they will give a guarantee and install the device in accordance with all the rules. But, of course, if you have experience in such work or are an experienced car enthusiast, you will probably want to install it yourself; we only recommend that you carefully study the relevant instructions from the beginning.

Installation of alarm systems in specialized centers

If installing a security system on your Lada Vesta yourself is an impossible task for you, and you don’t want to contact a dealer, contact a service station. But you shouldn’t rush to the first center you come across; it’s advisable to study reviews, ask friends or acquaintances, maybe someone has already had a similar experience. If you choose a low-quality service, with poor specialists, there is a chance that they will screw things up even more than you. In general, self-installation of the security system according to the instructions is much better, of course, if the hands “grow” from the right place.

Installing “Volgov” signals on Lada Vesta, is it worth the bother and what you need to know

Vesta has a fairly conventional sound signal from the factory, although this is an integral safety attribute. Let me clarify right away that I don’t prefer to honk at everyone, I only use the signal in situations where it can prevent an accident; for other cases, high beams are quite sufficient.

However, how to prevent an accident with such a sound signal, because you need to take into account that there are cars with good sound insulation or with good music, or both. I remember that many of my friends installed pneumatic sound signals, of course they sounded good, but still it’s not something, it looks too massive + questions may arise when undergoing maintenance. In order to do everything neatly, it was decided to follow the path trodden by many - to install the so-called Volgov signals.

Before buying, it is important to know the following information - there are at least two modifications that differ in sound, as well as price, weight and dimensions. The first have numbers 22.3721/221.3721 low and high tone, respectively, the second S302/S303D.

In terms of sound, many people like the latter more, they sound somehow more mature and smoother, at the same time louder, but you need to take into account that they are noticeably larger in size. These signals are produced by two companies - SOATE and LETS.

It is better to buy in trusted and large stores for spare parts for VAZ, GAZ, PAZ, as there are many counterfeits. The original signals must bear GOST, the Quality Control Department stamp, as well as bolts for a slotted screwdriver.

Let's return to Vesta. From the factory there is one two-tone signal to the left of the radiator. To install, you will need to remove the bumper, fortunately on Vesta this is done quite simply, there are a lot of instructions, we won’t dwell on this.

The signals are really big and finding their place right away is not so easy. As a result, it was decided to place both signals on the left in the direction of travel of the car under the headlight; there is a fender mounting bracket and a ground bolt, to which the horns are attached well without interfering with each other. Many people spread them on different sides and attach them to the wing brackets, but in order not to bother with wiring once again, it was decided to cheat.

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