Replacing rear brake pads on a VAZ 2114

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The braking system in the VAZ 2114, as in any other car, is necessary to reduce the speed of movement, as well as to keep the car stationary when stopping. The brakes also help significantly when maneuvering around the city and on the highway, allowing you to safely descend steep slopes and climb difficult climbs.

About 100 years ago, cars used drum brakes and a hydraulic drive, but already in the 60s, disc brakes appeared, which were more efficient.

Important nuances

The VAZ 2114 uses a dual-circuit working brake system with diagonal circuits. That is, one circuit is responsible for the left rear and right front brake, and the second circuit is responsible for the right rear and left front brake. There are disk devices in front, drum devices in the back.

Part diagram

A special feature of front disc brakes is that the disc-to-pad gap is automatically adjusted. The design of the system includes a floating bracket and indicators that indicate pad wear. The bracket is created by a cylinder and a caliper. They are tightened together using bolts. The front brake pads are pressed against the pad guide by their springs.

There is an o-ring on the cylinder piston, which provides the necessary clearance between the rubbing surfaces. Over time and with use, the front pads wear out and therefore require mandatory replacement.

Condition monitoring

In order to identify malfunctions in time and determine the wear of the pads, they require periodic preventive inspection.

Front brake

The estimated time for replacing the front brake pads is 15 thousand kilometers. But this period can be significantly reduced if:

  • The quality of the roads on which the car is driven leaves much to be desired;
  • The driver has an aggressive driving style;
  • The roads are very busy, you have to press the brake pedal regularly;
  • The quality of the previous pads is far from the highest, etc.

In practice, replacing the front pads on a VAZ 2114 is carried out more often than in the case of the rear ones. The fact is that the drums are installed at the rear, and the load on them is less than on the front disk devices. Plus, don’t forget that the VAZ 2114 is a front-wheel drive car.


After dismantling the old elements, we compress the side parts of the brake cylinder with a slotted screwdriver. Be careful - make sure that the new pads fit exactly into the grooves of the cylinder, and that the strip hits the connector. After this, you need to hook the springs into place. We perform this operation with both lower and upper overlays. How do you then replace the rear brake pads yourself? The VAZ-2114 continues to stand still, and at this time we are working on the handbrake. The parking brake drive cable must be hooked to the lever on the shoe.

Then we check again that the elements are installed correctly and install the drum cover. Please note - it may be difficult to enter. In this case, you need to check whether the brake cylinder is fully clamped and whether the handbrake is loosened. Perhaps the cable is jammed and because of this the cover does not fit into place.

Having fixed the problems, we put the drum and wheel in place. Before lowering the car from the jack, check how easily it rotates. The wheel should spin without jamming or rubbing the pads. Next, the rear brake pads are replaced on the VAZ-2114 from the opposite side. Remember that elements are changed in pairs, even if the wear on the adjacent wheel is less significant. The procedure is carried out in a similar way. But that's not all. The final step will be adjusting the handbrake.

Problems and their causes

Before changing the front brake pads on a VAZ 2114, you should determine what happened to them. There are several telltale signs that your pads are worn out. And their reasons may be different.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and potential causes of their occurrence in the table.

Symptoms of a problemCauses
The brakes do not work effectively
  1. The brake pad linings are completely worn out.
  2. The friction linings are oily.
  3. The brakes are overheated.
  4. The pads used do not meet the requirements.
When braking, the car skids to the sideFriction linings are clogged or oily
When braking, vibration occurs and a squeaking sound comes from the wheels.Oil or other liquid has come into contact with the brake pad linings.

Before you start replacing the front pads on a VAZ 2114, be sure to make sure that the reason lies in this particular unit. It is not uncommon after replacing the pads that it turns out that the car behaved unstable not because of them. Sometimes the symptoms do not correspond to problems in the brake system at all.

Monitoring the condition of the pads is not difficult. The caliper has a special viewing window. If the friction linings are worn down to 1.5 millimeters or less, they need to be replaced. It is recommended to carry out such monitoring at every seasonal replacement of wheels.

Self-replacement of front brake pads on a VAZ 2115

How to replace the front brake pads on a VAZ 2115 at home replace the brake pads yourself or at a service station. Previously, we were talking about replacing the brake pads on Kalina cars yourself. But there are no significant differences in the processes; the signs of malfunction and wear are similar, namely: whistling and squeaking when braking, a worn brake disc, difficult braking. Sometimes indicators indicate a faulty pad, but a detailed inspection confirms the opposite. The reason for this is probably that the surface is oily, or that the pads have rubbed when driving on a dusty road. To fix this, you need to remove the pads and wash off the accumulated layer of dust. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the cause of squeaking brakes.

Required tools:

  • balloon;
  • jack;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • suitable keys for “13” and “17”;
  • support stand;
  • calipers;
  • penetrating fluid WD-40;
  • new brake pads for VAZ 2115.

Brake pads on a VAZ 2115 should be replaced in pairs.

The algorithm for replacing brake pads on a VAZ 2115 is as follows:

  • Place the car on a flat surface, secure the wheels with wheel chocks, and tighten the handbrake. Before disassembling, you need to treat all connections with WD-40.
  • Remove the wheel bolts before jacking up the car. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to do this, and there will be a possibility of the car falling during sudden jerks.
  • Jack up the side from which the pads will be replaced. Install a stop that will protect you in case of sudden failure of the jack.
  • Unscrew the mounting bolts and remove the wheel.
  • Clean the brake mechanism with water and detergent and dry it.
  • How to replace brake pads on a VAZ 2115

    Be careful!

    You should not wash the part with gasoline, diesel fuel or solvent, since then you will have to replace the rubber seals and anthers. In addition, before replacing the brake pads, you need to check their wear using a caliper (install it in the hole in the brake caliper). If the thickness of the friction linings (not pads) is less than 1.5 millimeters, the pads need to be replaced.

  • Release the brake hose from the bracket located on the shock absorber strut.
  • Do-it-yourself replacement of brake pads on a VAZ 2115

    Also check out

  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the columns from the brake disc.
  • How to replace front brake pads on a VAZ 2115 at home

  • Bend back the locking plate of the pin that serves as a caliper guide on the lower bolt. Unscrew the bolt, while holding the pin by the hexagonal part to avoid turning it.
  • Do-it-yourself replacement of brake pads on a VAZ 2115 Do-it-yourself replacement of brake pads on a VAZ 2115

  • Raise the brake caliper and secure it.
  • Correct replacement of VAZ 2115 brake pads on your own

  • Remove old pads. Before installing new ones, use a caliper to measure the thickness of the brake disc at 4 opposite points. The minimum thickness, as mentioned earlier, is 10.8 millimeters. If necessary, replace the brake disc.
  • Clean all mechanisms and parts of the brake mechanism, especially carefully inspect the seats of the brake pads. The accumulation of dirt in them can lead to misalignment and subsequent jamming of the pads, their uneven wear. If the removed pin is faulty, it is important to apply graphite lubricant to its surface before installing a new one.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for the piston to be pressed into the caliper, since when the pads are worn heavily, it will come out, making it difficult to install new brake pads . You need to be careful with the boot and piston seals. After this, check the brake fluid level. If it is high, when the piston is pressed in, liquid will flow out of the expansion tank of the GTZ. You can solve the problem using a syringe; to do this, unscrew the cap and pull out several cubes of TJ with the syringe. At the end of the process, pour it back.
  • Proceed with installing new brake pads. When installing them, you need to be careful about the location of the pressure springs. Their position is correct if they are parallel to the top edge of the pads.
  • Correct replacement of VAZ 2115 brake pads on your own

  • Reinstall the brake caliper bracket.
  • Replacing brake pads on a VAZ 2115 instructions

  • Install the guide pin bolt and tighten it. It is better to use a torque wrench for this (tighten with a torque of 30–40 N*m).
  • Use a screwdriver to bend the locking plate. This will prevent the bolt from turning spontaneously.
  • Return the wheel to its place and tighten the mounting bolts.
  • Before driving, depress the brake pedal several times to bring the brake pistons into the working position. In addition, it is important to add brake fluid. first, squeaking may occur due to the grinding of the pads to the brake disc. After some time, these sounds will disappear.

  • Algorithm for replacing a VAZ 2115 radiator If the engine overheats greatly, a major overhaul and large cash injections will be required. To prevent this, you need to monitor the coolant level...

Choosing new pads

When purchasing new front brake pads, it is important to pay attention to a few key points.

  1. Quality. Examine the part visually, check the assembly level. Some details even outwardly indicate that they are not worth buying.
  2. Certificates and packaging. Packaging can often say much more than the part itself. Study it to see if it matches the original. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find manufacturers’ websites online and study how their products are packaged and certified. Never be afraid to ask sellers for documents for a particular spare part.
  3. Price. Good pads cannot be cheap.
  4. Manufacturer.

Brake lining kit

As for manufacturers, a certain group of leaders has now formed who produce high-quality brake pads that are suitable just for the VAZ 2114.

ManufacturerMain advantages
FenoxFriction linings remain effective even when heated to more than 400 degrees
  • High-quality fibers are used for the linings, which makes the structure more technologically advanced and lighter;
  • An anti-noise plate is used to make the pads, preventing squeaks when triggered
Allian Nippon
  • A special groove is provided to prevent contamination;
  • The design includes a lining wear sensor
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